November 11, 2021

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The Most Efficient Email Lead Generation Strategies to Use

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Email lead generation is a valuable marketing solution. Reaching customers through their mailboxes opens a world of opportunities.

From personalized messages to offering rewards, an email-based strategy can generate leads. But if not used properly, this strategy may backfire.

Sending great content to the wrong people is a waste of effort. Even if you find the right audience, overusing an email marketing strategy can affect a business's reputation.

There are no magical solutions: this approach requires time and dedication. Yet, it can bring significant benefits when done correctly.

This article identifies 16 different approaches to an effective email lead generation strategy.

The art of generating leads through email campaigns

This strategy helps marketers create leads by attracting potential customers with an opt-in form. This strategy allows you to gather valuable information like phone numbers, emails, and client profiles.

You can give the reader the option to type a message or choose from various alternatives. Thus, you'll get a good idea of what clients are looking for. Since you will have their data, you'll be able to send personalized deals. You are also more likely to offer the service with the best fit.

But this is only one piece of the email marketing machine. For the strategy to be successful, you need to coordinate efforts from different angles.

Additionally, lead generation is not enough. It's pointless to send valuable content without directing the person to the right action. You also need a solid sales team to convert the leads into revenue.

Benefits of email lead generation

Cost-efficiency. You can reach hundreds of people with just one email. And that one email can be more effective than paid ads.

Segmentation. Marketers can segment their audiences according to their profiles. This way, you can efficiently target email campaigns to only part of your database.

Integration. You can combine lead generation campaigns with different marketing tools. These tools include social media channels, ad campaigns, promotional banners, etc.

Long-term benefits. Email marketing is not just about generating leads. They also help create an audience. It's better to have 100 loyal clients than thousands of one-time customers.

Email lead generation strategies for higher profit

The ultimate goal of email marketing is not lead generation. It's conversion. What conversion means to you can vary depending on your business.

For example, an online store's primary goal is to increase sales, but a digital newspaper provider's main objective is to get traffic. Either way, lead generation must lead to conversion and eventually to monetization.

This section presents a set of guidelines to create an efficient email campaign.

Keep your friends close and your competitors closer

It's essential to keep an eye on what your competitors are doing. You can learn valuable lessons by identifying their flaws and strengths.

If your competitors lack something, then you offer it. If they do something great, find a way to do it better. Analyze their social profiles, ads, website, and services and strive to offer a superior user experience.

Let's say that your competitor offers a free e-book with the newsletter. Can you provide a better e-book?

Or perhaps you prefer to provide something different. You may have a better chance to boost your brand if you send a video tutorial instead. Customers will leave comments and reviews. They'll also share your video if they like it.

The importance of a database

A database is vital for your plan's success. It's the backbone of an email lead generation strategy.

Some online services sell databases online. The thought of having a large number of contacts overnight can be very tempting. But it isn't the best idea.

Why? Because at this point, quality is more important than quantity. The first problem is that these contacts may not be part of your targeted niche. The second is that you don't know how many people will unsubscribe.

The penalties you will face if many people from one database tag your message as spam is something else to consider. And the negative effect on your reputation.

The best way to form a database is organic. Ideally, you want to attract people who are likely to buy your product.For example, if you sell self-help books, you may want an audience with specific characteristics and purchase power.

Social media channels are an excellent way to accomplish this. Blogs offering relevant content on a related topic can invite visitors to subscribe. Once you have captured their interest, you can offer them advanced benefits.These bonuses can include exclusive reports, special promotions, discounts, etc.

Email drip campaigns

A drip campaign consists of a series of emails scheduled throughout a specific period. By receiving your recurring emails, subscribers will feel more connected to your brand. This method helps engage your audience and create a loyal clientele.

You can offer a series of articles on a particular topic, chapters from a novel, or online training. If you have an online personal training business, you can send a different workout routine each week. If you own a book store, you can send monthly book reviews.

Build your clients' trust in your service by sending them valuable content regularly.

Automatize the process

Email automation makes your life easier. It not only offers email scheduling but also provides for customization.

Some email marketing software allows you to prepare your emails in advance. Then you can schedule them to be sent on particular dates and times.

You can also send them in batches to segmented groups within the same audience.This way, you can avoid a system crash from everybody opening the emails at the same time.

Next are some guidelines to make better use of automated emails:

  • Send an automatic welcome message to new subscribers.
  • Send periodic messages during the following weeks to keep your new subscriber engaged.
  • Send a reminder to customers that abandoned their shopping carts. You can include a link to make it easy for them to get back on track.
  • Send a thank you message to subscribers when they download anoffer.

Gamification and interactive content

Gamification is gaming techniques applied to other environments. This strategy includes rewards, scoring, customer levels, challenges, competitions, and goal completion.

In marketing, it encourages customers to take action: download, buy, click, share, etc. Here are some interactive elements:

  • GIFs
  • Call to action buttons
  • Videos
  • Cinemagraphs
  • Social media icons for easy sharing

Sort out your leads with lead scoring

Marketing strategy success lies in sending the right hook to the right person at the right time. To accomplish this, you need to know your audience.

Let's say that a person checked out a product on your shop page. If you offer a discount for that product, the person is more likely to buy it.

With lead scoring, you can sort out your leads. By understanding the different qualities of your leads, you can create a more compelling email campaign.

The importance of valuable content

Once you have sorted out your audience profiles, you're ready for a targeted email campaign. But what type of email will you send?

All your platforms need quality content, but it's also vital to understand what content you are sharing with whom. That content will vary for a blog entry, social media post, or personalized emails.

If you send your audience an email with the exact content they can find on your webpage, they won't even bother opening it.

Remember that this is an opportunity to engage with the lead directly. Customers need to recognize their subscriptions' value. Offer them discounts only available for subscribers, invite them to exclusive events, or give them rewards.

You must find your audience's pain point before you can create valuable content. Find out what they want and what the market does and doesn't offer. Then, based on your conclusion, use your content to provide them with the solution.

This strategy is not easy to implement. It requires a great deal of detailed research. Yet, it is highly beneficial if used properly.

The importance of subject lines in email lead generation

Customers see the subject line first when receiving an email. Remember that your subscribers probably receive hundreds of marketing emails every month. No matter how good the email content is, nobody will open it with a poor subject line.

The perfect subject line must be compelling, attractive, and to the point. The reader needs to understand precisely what the email is about and feel they will benefit from opening it.

Characteristics of the perfect subject line

  • Short
  • Compelling
  • Original
  • To the point
  • Promising
  • Attractive

Important: When you make a promise, make sure to keep it. Make sure your sales team and staff are ready to deliver what's promised. In the long run, it will be your reputation that makes your company successful.

Add a clear call to action feature

The message is another key ingredient of email lead generation. The ultimate goal is conversion, and email leads are the perfect opportunity to increase your rates.

Your email needs a purpose. You want the email's message to lead the person to a specific action. While your goal can be a direct conversion,it's not the only thing.

For example, if your message is "20% discount on all beauty products only for today," your call to action will be "Buy now." The aim is to close the sale.

But you may want something else from clients. Perhaps you want them to share content on social media, access a landing page, or visit your website. Your overall lead generation strategy will depend on the action you want your clients to take.

The CTA can compel the reader to take action by using power words like urgent, mystery, or exciting.

Tips for creating the perfect CTA

  • Use action-oriented text. Phrases like "Download now for free,""Get your discount here," or "Join our community" can be quite useful.
  • Keep it short. Your CTA must be concise. Since the text is usually organized in buttons or links, it must be short enough to fit.
  • Create urgency. Readerstend to postpone actions for later and then forget. Creating urgency willincreasethe chance of a conversion. Use phrases like "Only 5 left" or "60% discount today only."

Make your emails easy to share

Encouraging your subscribers to share your content is a great way to grow your email database. People love to share with family and friends, and you can take advantage of this. But it will help if you make it easy for them.

You can add different tools to help you:

  • Social media share buttons
  • Embedded ready-made tweets
  • A button that automatically forwards the email
  • A signup button so recipients of the forwarded message can sign up too

Use gated content to get information from your lead

Gated content is an excellent strategy for email lead generation. It offers the subscriber extra content in exchange for information. Thus, by entering their data, they can get a free e-book, newsletter, report, etc.

You can then use the information you gather to improve your strategy. This information allows you to segment the audience, assess lead quality, create customer profiles, etc.

Even for gated content, it must be exciting and properly introduced to be effective. You have to catch the reader's interest from the subject line to the email body. Always provide valuable content in the email, but save the best for the gated content.

Create your gated content carefully for a more effective lead generation process. It is essential to encourage the subscriber to take the next step in the conversion funnel.

Direct the reader to a post-click landing page

Ask yourself,"Where are subscribers landing after clicking the call to action?" If you don't know, your lead generation efforts may be in vain. Why? This moment is when the person buys, downloads, subscribes, etc.

It's not enough to lead your readers to your website's home page. The landing page must be designed to close the deal.

A post-click landing page is not usually connected to your website's navigation system. It uses methods like psychological principles of persuasion, 1:1 ratio conversion, and message match.

Social media and email lead generation

It doesn't take a genius to understand the importance of a social media presence. If appropriately combined, email lead generation can support social media growth and vice versa.

A compelling social profile can help you boost your brand significantly. You can communicate with your audience in real-time and create a community.

The most popular platforms have excellent ad campaigns. They adapt to all budgets and are user-friendly. You can get a better understanding of your audience by regularly launching these campaigns.

For example, you can implement content upgrades and promote them on Instagram. Adding subscription forms to your Facebook page and pre-formatted tweets is a convenient strategy. Using Facebook forms can help you collect data from your leads easily.

Engage your audience with rewards, contests, and giveaways

People get excited about receiving something for free, even if it's simple. They will be happy to give you their contact data if they like the reward.

The reward can be an e-book, a report, a free trial, etc. These rewards keep your subscribers engaged and contribute to your brand awareness process.

One thing to watch for when you gather new information is to check for duplicates. Some people may sign up more than once if the prize is attractive enough.

Encourage referrals in exchange for rewards

Rewarding referrals is an excellent way to widen your email database. You can get your subscribers to share content in the same way you invite subscribers. Offer referral incentives like discounts, one-time free shipping, etc.

Value is crucial for an email lead generation strategy. Subscribers must feel they are getting something of value in return for the action they take. They need to feel that the reward is worth the time they spend promoting your subscription.

Leverage urgency and scarcity

Scientists have proven that humans want what they can't have. If something is available for a limited time, people want it more. Online stores apply the same principle when adding a stock countdown.

Time-limited discounts work better than year-round promotions. If you have only five seats available for your seminar, make sure your readers know it.

You can also set up weekend sales, Mother or Father's Day offers, and Black Friday discounts.

Final thoughts on the best email lead generation techniques

An email marketing strategy is an excellent way to generate leads. This approach can increase your conversion rate and boost your brand if properly combined with other strategies.

What are the advantages of an email lead generation strategy? Here is a summary of what we learned:

  • Improves conversion rate
  • Communicates with your audience
  • Keeps your subscribers engaged
  • Leverages your current subscribers to get more
  • Leverages your subscribers to enhance your social media presence
  • Creates brand awareness with email drip campaigns
  • Targets segmented audiences with client-oriented offers.

This article presents 16 excellent tips to improve your email marketing approach. A combination of these tactics offers the perfect strategy. Nonetheless, some are more effective than others, depending on the resources or type of business.

Analyze these procedures, and start with the ones you find more natural. Also, don't get in a rush and move to the next step before mastering the previous one. Remember that you need time to analyze the campaign's results to make the best decisions for the next one.

Finally, we can't stress the importance of a solid reputation enough. It doesn't matter how attractive your campaigns are. You'll never hear from clients that weren't satisfied with their experience again.

Please don't use these guidelines to mislead people because they will find out sooner or later. Make sure that you can live up to your promises and deliver good-quality services. Dependability is the only way to create a prosperous business and maintain it long term.

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