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"You are out of business if you don't have a prospect"

Zig Ziglar.

Eserto is the ideal sales tool for you to generate sales for your:

A tech company

Whether you develop software, hardware or provide services, you need to meet with your target client fast - Eserto will save you tons of time and money for finding the right clients.

B2B SaaS

Find companies and contacts within them based on your SaaS' target group - reach out to them directly by email and close the sales efficiently.

B2C SaaS

Target individual potential customers for your offer, reach out to them via their business email, and present your SaaS offer to them in the best possible manner.

Hardware and infrastructure 

If you are offering hardware, servers, hosting, or integrated systems, use Eserto to find companies that require your solutions in their daily work. Share your commercial offer with the decision-makers in these companies.

A marketing or a lead generation agency

If your job is to find leads for your customers, Eserto's database and built-in tools will be of great support and will save you lots of time and money.

Mobile app, web app, or desktop software

Quickly find the companies that could benefit from using your app, contact people within these companies, and present them your app or SaaS pitch.

A digital service agency (UI/UX Design, DevOps software development)

Define the target market, find contact data for the market, and run an outreach campaign with the service proposal to start your next project ASAP.
Focus on sales

Focus on the sales, and stop wasting time on prospecting.

Eserto provides a highly precise B2B leads database of XXX entries for YYY markets, updated daily by a professional lead sourcing and data management team.
Efficient processes

Make your sales team 66% more efficient.

Researches indicate that up to 66% of an average salesman's time is wasted on non-sales activities: looking for leads, finding their contacts, etc. Eserto does the hard work for you and allows you to do just what's most important - sell.
High-quality leads information

Take advantage of up-to-date contact data.

One of the main pains in lead generation is that you constantly get outdated email addresses, or contacts of people not working in the company anymore. Our data management team verifies each lead once every 90 days, so you won't have to do that.
Smart targeting

Find the right people for your offer.

Reaching to the right people in the moment when they need your products or services is 70% of a successful sale. Eserto helps you to focus on contacting the right people from your target group.
Effective leads conversion

200% more chances to get replies using email compared to LinkedIn.

Emails, if used right, are still the most efficient way to start a conversation with your potential customer, compared to other channels.

Eserto Features

Find Lead Emails
Verify Lead Emails
Manage Projects
Manage Campaigns
Manage Filters
Manage Lead Lists
Export and integrate with your software
Full GDPR Compliance
Top security and privacy of your campaigns and data
Highly reliable lead contact data

Find Lead Emails

Define the target audience and browse the Eserto database to cherry-pick the leads for your product or service.
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