December 27, 2020

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The Best Gmail Tracking Extensions You Can Possibly Find

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Worldwide, Gmail is one of the most used email services. There are many reasons why it enjoys such popularity.

One major reason relates to marketing. However, the power of a Gmail account will not be complete with only the basic account. To unleash the full marketing potential more is necessary.

To this end, there are many browser extensions available for marketing pros. One useful feature that is available through these extensions is email tracking.

In different fields of business, email tracking is becoming more and more relevant. It is often of interest to the sender to know if the addressee receives the email.

This is where email trackers come in handy.

For example, sales reps benefit from knowing whether someone received an email. It allows them to keep track of their most interesting leads.

With this information, it is easier to generate income by closing big deals. It also opens the way for them to automatically send follow-up emails.

Many email trackers are available and they are easy to install and use.

It is nice that there are a lot of choices, but which one is the best for you?

This article lists the best ten Chrome extensions for Gmail tracking. It discusses the important features and pricing for each option.

How Does Email Tracking Work?

There are different ways to track emails and retrieve various details about the user.

Often, the mail tracking software inserts a small, transparent image into each email sent. This image is a 1x1 pixel in size and is also called a ‘tracking pixel’.

This pixel provides the requested information to the tracking software’s database when the recipient opens the email. The user can then review the information in the database.

The unique feature of the mail tracking pixel is that it is silent. It works in the background without the email recipient being aware of it.

What information can mail tracking provide? Here are some of the parameters that are retrievable, depending on the software:

  • Who?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • How often?
  • What device did the recipient use?
  • Which attachments or links did the recipient open?

With the information in hand, the sender knows whether an email ended up in the inbox or the spam folder. Or if the email was somehow blocked from delivery.

The Best Gmail Tracking Extensions

HubSpot Sales

The first Gmail tracking platform is HubSpot Sales. It is a useful app for identifying who opened the sent emails. Its notification system is robust and powerful.

It does much more than tracking mail. HubSpot is a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

As such, its purpose is to make the best marketing use of emails. It helps businesses to identify their leads and turn them into solid customers.

The plugin allows the user to identify important details about the sender, such as the company they work for. A click adds the contact to HubSpot.

It has the option to save templates, which helps in responding quickly to similar emails. Ticking one checkbox logs an email in HubSpot CRM, and all its sales features are available in one place.

With this extension, it will not be necessary to change windows or apps.

Pricing: HubSpot with its tracking feature is free.

Cirrus Insight

Cirrus Insight is a prominent email tracker. It informs the user when and where an email is opened and how often.

It shows how much the recipient engages with the email and whether they open any attachments. Attachment tracking enables the user to see who reads which documents and what pages they open.

Cirrus Insight will notify users if the recipient forwards the email and logs to whom. This information, plus reply tracking, aids in determining which contacts to follow up with.

Users can schedule emails for resending or follow up on a specific client. Cirrus Insight can prepare email templates and save them.

These templates are then ready to send to prospective customers at any time. On top of that, it can analyze which templates are most effective.

Pricing: Cirrus Insight offers a 14-day free day trial. Continued use requires signing up for a paid plan. The cheapest plan costs $45 per month.


Boomerang is an app for tracking email and scheduling. It can set times and dates for sending out emails.

It also has the functionality of allowing reply emails to enter the user’s inbox at a preset time. This helps the user to receive emails when they are ready to reply to them or take other appropriate action.

With these functionalities, Boomerang is suitable for sales and human resources applications. It makes it easy to stay in touch with people and keep track of current unanswered emails.

Boomerang works in combination with Gmail and G Suite. It is thus ideal for Gmail tracking.

Pricing: The free option includes the tracking of ten emails per month. The plan with unlimited email tracking has a monthly price tag of $4.99. The complete package with all the features costs $49.99 a month.

Pabbly Email Marketing

Pabbly Email Marketing can send out large volumes of emails and track them in real-time. The system gathers data on when and how often a recipient opens an email and how many links in the email they click.

It can supply the email addresses of addressees that open the email and which links they opened. It also informs users where the recipient is when they open the email and what kind of device and software they used.

Pabbly offers features like a built-in delivery system, marketing automation, and SMTP routing.

Pricing: Pabbly has a free plan which allows the user to explore its features. The basic plan starts at $24 per month.


Salesmate is a complete sales solution package.

It keeps all the email information up-to-date and in one location. The email tracking feature enables the user to take advantage of sales opportunities.

It’s possible to utilize Salesmate across a whole team. Different people can have access to tracking information and email contacts. This provides transparency and insight into conversations for all team members.

Salesmate is a good choice for midsize and larger businesses. Its most important features are :

  • Calling and texting
  • Pipeline management
  • Power dialer
  • Sales automation
  • Sales drip functionality
  • Sales reporting
  • Shared Team Inbox

Pricing: There are three pricing plans available. Starter ($12 per user per month); Growth ($24 per user per month); and Boost ($40 per user per month).


This Chrome extension is particularly suited for tracking mail, especially through Gmail. This is an all-round and powerful option.

Large international companies like Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Uber are among its users. They have made successful use of GMass for their marketing campaigns.

However, small and one-man companies can also benefit from using it. Organizations like schools and churches also use it in combination with their Gmail accounts.

GMass helps users to:

  • Automate follow-up emails
  • Perform easy mail merges
  • Measure campaign performance
  • Personalize email outreach campaigns
  • Schedule emails and follow-ups

Pricing: Basic account: $8.95 per month; Standard: $12.95 per month; Premium: $19.95 per month. started as an application for email finding and verification. Now it has extended its capabilities to mail tracking as well. The drip email feature is compatible with Gmail. offers the following functionalities:

  • Email Verification. It checks if an email address is correct and whether it exists or not. It also has a catch-all email address category for email addresses that may or may not exist.
  • Email tracking. It notifies the user when an email is opened and when the recipient follows one of the links. These can be in-app or desktop notifications.

Pricing: There is a free option, with further subscription options available. S: $33 per user per month; M: $66 per user per month; L: $141 per user per month; XL: $241 per user per month; XXL: $482 per user per month.


The Chrome extension by Streak brings tracking information right into Gmail. In Gmail, the added eye icon turns green when an email is being opened.

Besides tracking, the app provides a visual representation of the mail history. The overview includes the number of unique views and the total number of views.

It shows what device the addressee used to view the email. It also indicates the recipients’ location at the time of opening it.

Streak can integrate with external CRM software. This enables users to track customer information and share it with other team members.

Pricing: A clear advantage of Streak is the free plan which includes the Gmail tracking feature. Users can obtain more features with paid options.

The prices range from $15 to $129 per month. These plans include CRM reports and task lists.


MixMax is a reliable and powerful email tracker. The basic purpose is to see if someone opened your email and how many times.

This is possible for individual and group emails. For group emails, it specifies who opened them.

The app will send notifications for the selected emails. Every time a recipient opens one of those mails, a popup will show.

Set MixMax to automatic to track all emails. This helps the user to avoid overlooking any potential client.

Pricing: The email tracking feature is part of the free plan that MixMax offers. More advanced plans include email scheduling and one-click meetings.

The most economic plan is available at $9 per month. Some options include free trials.


LeadBoxer is a solution for lead generation. It analyzes who visits the client’s website and who reads promotional emails.

It also indicates the company the visitor works for. It can provide contact information for the visitor or recipient and identifies anonymous visitors.

This platform assigns scores to the visitors showing their level of engagement.

LeadBoxer’s key features include:

  • Email tracking
  • Lead management dashboards
  • Identification of companies and individual visitors
  • Lead-scoring of visitors
  • Email notification for specific visitors

LeadBoxer enables sales reps to focus on the leads with the highest potential. As a result, they are able to make more sales.

LeadBoxer is compatible with both Gmail and Outlook.

Pricing: LeadBoxer offers plans starting at €195 a month.

Right Inbox

Right Inbox boosts the marketing potential of Gmail by tracking emails. It includes CRM syncing, private notes, reminders, scheduling, and templates.

With all these possibilities, Gmail becomes a complete communications hub.

Right Inbox goes further than the statistics. It helps the user improve their exposure.

It contains tools to make emails more fun and engaging. users can add webpage previews and gifs from Giphy to create emails that are attractive to see and read.

Pricing: The free option offered by Right Inbox does not include the email tracker. To get it, users must sign up for a paid plan. These cost $5.95 or $7.97 a month.


Mailalert is free and has no hidden paid features. What you see is what you get.

It comes as a practical Chrome plugin and it tracks emails and clicks. It gives notifications anytime someone checks one of the sent emails.

It works seamlessly with Gmail and GSuite. Setup is easy and registration is not required.

At this moment the developers are working on additional features. These added functions may become available in the future at a cost.

The email tracking feature will likely remain free.


Docsify is a Gmail tracking software. It helps businesses streamline their email projects and be more efficient.

It shows when and where emails and links are opened and the devices and operating systems used. It composes emails and can schedule the sending of the email according to timezone.

Docsify began with document tracking but has expanded into the field of tracking mail. In fact, it has become a very complete tool. It gives insight into document views and time spent on each page.

Its main features are:

  • CRM Integration. The combination of Docsify with CRM facilitates the entire sales process.
  • Email Templates. Very practical for sending a lot of the same, or similar, emails. It obviates the need for composing separate emails.
  • Document Tracking: This gives insight into the number of views and what parts of the document attract the attention of the viewer.

Pricing: There is a free Docsify option, as well as paid plans. Pro Personal costs $4 per user per month, and Pro Team has a monthly cost of $12.4 per user.


Many consider Bananatag to be one of the best email trackers. It gives users insight into the fate of any sent email and allows for planning without the need for a reply.

Bananatag is available for Outlook and as a Chrome plugin to work with Gmail. It integrates with Gmail’s compose tab and it can track individual emails.

The chances of the recipient’s server blocking the email are small. Bananatag sends all tracked emails through Gmail or Outlook servers.

Bananatag gives precise and accurate statistics. These provide insight into the success of the email and potential clients.

This, in turn, facilitates decision making.

Pricing: Pricing is available on request and depends on the quote.


Yesware is among the best Gmail tracking apps.

Besides tracking emails, it also tracks PDF and PowerPoint documents. It identifies what most interests the viewer by returning per-page engagement information.

It keeps a complete history of tracked emails in the Yesware Activity Feed. It filters entries according to “Not Opened”, “Recent Activity”, and “Opened/Not Replied”.

For Gmail tracking, Yesware adds an interface to a Gmail account. It will display different tracking tools in the Gmail inbox environment.

For quick access, Yesware shows different tracking icons in the Send and Inbox folders. It indicates who is reading which message.

Pricing: Yesware does not have a free version, but there are free trials offered. The cheapest plan is $15 per month.


For use in combination with Gmail, Reply is the best option. It comes as a plugin for Gmail.

Businesses from different fields use it. These include business development, HR, PR and link-building, and sales.

Among its many features are:

  • Email sorting using AI technology
  • Workload management
  • Accounts based selling
  • In-depth campaign statistics
  • Email tracking
  • Contact management
  • Direct calls
  • Email validation
  • CRM integration

Pricing: A free trial for 14 days is available. Paid plans start at $55 a month.

Free Email Tracker

Free Email Tracker is simple and that is its strength. But it does more than only tracking email.

It is unique in that it supports SMS notifications for Gmail read receipts. This is very convenient to keep track of those emails that never seem to get a response.

Pricing: As the name says, it tracks emails and it does it for free.


AutoKlose is a very easy to use tracker. It integrates with Gmail and Outlook.

It is suitable for companies that send out large volumes of emails. It especially helps them to ensure that follow-up takes place with any interest shown.

With real-time tracking of email opening, clicks, and replies, it provides vital insight into the customer’s behavior.

Additional features include:

  • Pre-installed data
  • Email sequencing
  • Email scheduling

Pricing: Autoklose offers 3 monthly plans. Starter Plan: $49.99; Small Business Plan: $149.95; Enterprise Plan: Quote on request.


Gmelius is available as an extension. It tracks email openings and clicks.

It can schedule emails and save templates. The extension also contains an integrated calendar, to-do-lists, and more.

Gmelius packs an impressive number of extra features:

  • Schedule sending of emails
  • Snoozing messages to return to them later
  • Adding notes to emails
  • Email templates
  • Blocking email trackers
  • Automated contact copying
  • Automatic labeling of outgoing emails

Gmelius only works with Gmail but is compatible with Chrome, Safari, and Opera browsers.

Pricing: The email tracking feature is free. The extra features unlock by obtaining a paid plan. These range from $9 to $49 a month. is a complete set of tools for mail outreach and is compatible with Gmail and GSuite. It is downloadable as a Chrome extension.

It adds many features to the Gmail environment, such as:

  • Automated followup
  • Individual link tracking
  • Reminders
  • Templates
  • Mail merge
  • Scheduling
  • Name-to-email search
  • Meeting coordination
  • Analytics
  • Team sharing and activity dashboards

This extension can personalize email campaigns and makes follow-up easy. It syncs with third-party CRM software and allows a team to work together. can set a series of reminders to ensure that emails are sent at the right moment. This can increase the response rate by 100%.

Pricing: All plans include a 30-day trial. Basic plan $5 per month; Starter plan $10 per month; Professional plan $20 per month.


MailTag is a plugin for Gmail and runs in the background when it is not actively used. The implementation of Gmail read receipts in MailTag is sleek.

It tracks, among other things, clicks and reopenings of emails and shows it in the Gmail inbox. By hovering over a receipt, a dropdown box appears showing the relevant information.

Pricing: MailTag is not free but it does offer a 14-day trial. After that, users must pay a subscription fee. The price of $9.99 includes extra features like email scheduling.


Mailtrack is a plain Gmail tracker that records whether an email was opened or not. It is a Google Chrome Extension and is suitable for Gmail.

The tracking status is visually displayed via a tick mark beside the email. When recipients open the email, the tick turns green.

This gives a quick overview of the success of the email campaign. Mailtrack also provides popup notifications of recipients opening emails.

Pricing: Mailtrack is free to use. However, it adds a signature to each tracked email saying “Sent with Mailtrack.”

To remove this signature, a $5 monthly plan is available. An annual option for $36 is also offered.


The last Gmail tracking option is SalesHandy, which is one of the most popular apps. Gmail and GSuite clients can use it for free.

It includes features such as mail tracking and scheduling. Users can enjoy instant set up, as it comes as a Chrome extension.

With email tracking tools, users can track important mails and improve productivity.

SalesHandy’s features include:

  • Customized mute email notifications
  • Double tick notification in the inbox
  • Email open rate
  • Export email analytics as a CSV file
  • Instant desktop notifications
  • Lifetime free email tracking for Gmail
  • Link Tracking
  • Reply tracking

Pricing: SalesHandy is free for Gmail users. There are three paid plans: $9 per month; $22 per month; $49 per month.

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